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March Comission Slots

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Apr. 22nd, 2011 | 10:59 am


Click the images for better pictures.

For more examples go to 

Steps to Comission me

1. Send me a note or leave a message with the Comission form below.

Comission Form

Character/s you want:
Sizes intrested in:
Anything special: (ex. pose, extra details, etc.)
Where you live:

2. Then I will send you the price it will be including shipping. (Shipping is free within the USA)

3. Let me know if this is ok with you. If you listed multiple characters and sizes please let me know which one/s you are intrested in.

4. Send the amount listed to my paypal account (hatillma@uncg.edu) with your full adress listed in the note.

5. Then I will put you in one of my slots.


Small (8-11") - $75+

The prices listed are the Minimum your plush may cost. The price goes up based on the difficulty of the plush as well as the amount of colors the plush will have.

For example: A small Daburan would be $75 but a small shinx would be $100. (This is just an example these are not the actual prices) They could possibly go even higher.


1. awlott006 - small Articuno plush - (115/130)

Order to be completed (when paying up front or have fully paid you are moved to this list and this is the order the plushies are made)
1. :iconmoophoom: - Vaporeon Finished - Ninetails 50%
2.puyro - Shandara 45%
3. awlott006 - fabric ordered

Important Facts

- All plush are made using minky material unless something different is requested by the comissioner.

- Each plushie takes about a week to make. So if you are 5th on the list expect it to take about 5 weeks for your plush to be completed.

- When completed it may take up to a week to be shipped, but I will infrom you as soon as it is heading your way.

- I will take payment plans if your plush is over $100. However the plush will not be started until half of the payments have been made.

- I also only like payments to be spread out over a 3-4 week period. However some exceptions will be made depending on the price of the plush.

- If for any reason I can not complete your plush your money will be returned in full.

- I will not have a waiting list, but all slots will be opened at one time. I may also have a special auction for an extra slot.

- If I raise my prices and I have already quoted you a price or you have paid it will not affect your price. Only future comissions will be affected.

- If you want to cancel your order I will refund all of your money as long as it is before I have started making the plush. Also if I have already ordered the fabric, but have not started the plush then I will return your money minus the cost of the fabric. I will contact you to let you know I am starting on your plush.

- Also I now have a feedback page so please let me know what you thought of your comission so the community can read about your experience. Here is the


For the time being I am looking for anyone who wants to trade to make me an offer. XD I am looking to trade for anything Delcatty, Glameow, and Choroneko so if your intrested in making me something send me a note and I will see what I can do. XD

:iconmerlinemrys: - small charmander
2. (closed for now)

Comments {4}


From: katcheecricket
Date: Mar. 28th, 2011 03:36 am (UTC)

Character/s you want: Krookodile
Sizes intrested in: 8-11 inches
Anything special: Something like this: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v85/IcyColdTou/cocplushconcept.png

Where you live: USA :3

Thanks XD I also sent you a message on DA because I forgot to check here first <.<;;;

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From: hottiehulio
Date: Mar. 28th, 2011 06:18 am (UTC)

Hey Katcheecricket

I would totally be up for doing a krookodile plushie that looks like the one drawn :) My slots are open however I am a little behind on the plush making and it would probably be at least a month before I am done with the comissions I am currently working on. But if your willing to wait I can go ahead and put ya on the list.

For the plushie in a size small I would charge $120 and that would include shipping.

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From: katcheecricket
Date: Mar. 28th, 2011 10:31 pm (UTC)

Oh wow. XD That's more than I was thinking it would be given the info above.

I'll have to pass for now-- but thank you for the quote :3 maybe sometime in the future I will commission you!

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From: hottiehulio
Date: Mar. 29th, 2011 02:16 am (UTC)

Yeah the above price of $75 is pretty much for extremely simple plushies. I need to update my shop a little and give some examples of easy to complicated and the price range of them >.

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