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Tangled Custom Plush Auction

Presenting not one, but two little tangled up babies and all of there cuteness. XD Originally I made Skitty, but I didn't want her to play by herself so I made an Espeon to go and be cute with her. XD Both plushies can hold small objects (including my cell phone), but I made yarn balls to go along with each of them, that are not sewn down so that you can make them hold anything you want. Also I want to thank of all of those people out there on the community who convinced me to finish skitty, because if they hadn't she would have ended up being just a head with one ear :(.

Measurements: Both plushies are 7" long and 4" high.

1) Bids must be in dollar increments. We don't like change 'round these parts.
2) You must pay at bid's end. Payment plans can be debated if necessary. Starting bid is needed upfront though.
3) Be nice and courteous to others.
4) Reply to the last bid or your bid does not count. (Please be aware of this b/c I might not catch it and if you don't then you might miss out on the plush of your dreams :( )
5) Shipping and paypal fees are not included in the bid.

Auction Ends: Sunday January 22nd at 11:59 EST
Espeon Starting Bid: $60
Skitty Starting BId: $60
Minimum Bid Incrament: $1

Tags: skitty espeon plush
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